How to carve Pumpkin Step by Step guide with pictures

How to carve Pumpkin Step by Step guide with pictures:- Pumpkin carving is the best thing to be done on Halloween. People usually create Jack-o-lantern by carving Pumpkin as this is the symbol of Halloween celebrations. Decorations are necessary for every event and carved pumpkins can give a creepy look to your house decorations. Many carved Pumpkins are available in the market but it is the best idea to carve your pumpkin in your own design. Many a games are played during Halloween and Pumpkin Carving games are played the most. From Children to adult everyone take part in Pumpkin Carving events. But most of the people lag behind as they don’t know how to curve a pumpkin so they don’t take part in such activities. Don’t lose heart we know Carving Pumpkin is not easy but also it is not a difficult task that can’t be done by you. You have to just follow some simple steps that will be beneficial for you during carving Pumpkin. We are sharing some easy Tips and Steps to carve a pumpkin easily.

Carve Pumpkin Step by Step guide

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How to Carve a pumpkin

For carving a pumpkin some basic things one should know and also the material should be available so that Pumpkin carving will become easier. First of all you should choose a perfect Pumpkin for your activity. Also there are number of templates and patterns available for Carving a pumpkin so you can choose any design for Pumpkin carving.

  1. Select a Right Pumpkin

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If your pumpkin is healthy then you can carve it easily otherwise all you do will be in vain. So before purchasing or selecting a pumpkin always remember to check that it is free from any cut. Also you can check the Pumpkin by thumping on it and if you could hear any sound then it is ready and good for carving.

2. Choose a Pumpkin Carving Pattern

How to carve Pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin and don’t know what to carve on it then it will be a problem. Firstly decide what you want to carve like if you want to carve Pumpkin as Jack o Lantern then you have to cut eyes and nose that can be done easily but if you want some designs like cat Jack o lantern then you should have Pumpkin Carving pattern template with which you can trace Cat on Pumpkin then carve it in that shape. Here we will show you how to make a simple Jack o Lantern as this is the easy Pumpkin Carving. Also note that if you have carved Pumpkin so early then keep it in water otherwise if the moisture of Pumpkin vanished then your carved pumpkin will be of no use.

3. Select right tool for Pumpkin Carving

How to carve pumpkin

Tools are definitely needed to carve a pumpkin but which tool is good for which pattern that we will tell you here. Choose a good knife for the purpose and you can purchase a pumpkin carving set or take a bread knife for carving pumpkin. Use the blade like a saw and carve the Pumpkin according to traced pattern.

4. Cut the Top and empty the Pumpkin

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For carving a Pumpkin you have to first empty the Pumpkin and remove the filling from Pumpkin. Try to cut the lid of Pumpkin according to the size of Pumpkin so that you can remove filling from it. Lid can be cut in any shape like star, triangle, circle or square. Once lid of pumpkin is cut, remove the filling from the Pumpkin.

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5. Carve Pumpkin

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So you are ready to carve your pumpkin and after removing the filling it is the time to trace your pattern on Pumpkin. As we are making Jack o lantern or jack face so draw eyes, nose and mouth on Pumpkin. Once you have traced the face now cut the design with the help of knife. You can do it slowly but be sure that it is clean. For lightening you can place LED light inside pumpkin and close the lid that you have cut earlier. Your Pumpkin carving is done and you can try some more Pumpkin carving patterns shared in other posts.

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